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We’re creatives, designers, and doers making a healthier life accessible for all.


Design Audits: What and Why!

How we used audits to level up design quality and drive stakeholder alignment.


The UX Research Methods Map

A tool to find the right method for your research question.


Designer Profile: Zach Jarvis

In the second issue of this series highlighting our talented team, we meet Zach — the Group Product Design Manager for our Core Insurance team.


Demystifying healthcare: Claims edition

It’s no secret that healthcare in the US is confusing and hard to navigate, even for those of us that work in this industry!


A year in the life of a product designer at Oscar

What’s it like being a designer at Oscar? A product designer reflects on her first year.


0 to 1: Oscar's Design system journey

A look back to tell the story of how our design system came to be, what we learned along the way, and a glimpse at where we’re going.


Illustrating culturally competent care through the Oscar brand lens

A few months back we took a fresh look at our illustration library and found opportunities to better visualize the world we want to see.


Refining the brand tone for Oscar Primary Care

Here’s how we enhanced the Oscar Primary Care brand tone while tackling common member concerns about seeing a provider online.


Engineering handoffs: tips from Oscar designers

We recently sat down with a few Oscar designers to learn how they make their handoffs successful.


A new front door to our digital member experience

In the past few years, Oscar’s business has evolved in significant ways. Last year, we took stock of our home experience and concluded that it needed to evolve too.


Designer Profile: Nicki Padar

In the first of this series highlighting our talented team, we meet Nicki — a product designer working with the member services team.


How storyboarding improved the Oscar Primary Care experience

Collaborative storyboarding helped our team  understand our users’ journey.


How we redesigned the Oscar brand to speak to our growing member base

As the company grew, the brand strategy and visual identity needed to grow as well.


Visualizing stress for Mental Health Awareness Month

How we used color, shape, and motion to teach mental health concepts.


No office? No problem. What we learned while working apart.

Reflections on working in health care during a global health crisis.

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©2022 Oscar Health