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Designer Profile:
Zach Jarvis

In our Designer Profile series, we feature members of the Oscar design team. Step behind the scenes with talented designers working to make healthcare more accessible.

Role: Group Product Design Manager, Core Insurance
Joined: October 2022

What do you do at Oscar?

“I lead design on our products that are responsible for running our core insurance operations, ensuring that through human focused solutions, we deliver effective and efficient operations. This is all in pursuit of Oscar's goal of making a healthier life accessible and affordable for all. From managing claims to ensuring safe and clean member information, "Core Insurance" is the heartbeat of our insurance company, leveraging best-in-class technology to enable outstanding member and provider experiences.”

What is your WFH setup?

As a remote employee (based in Austin, TX), my at home setup is a constant obsession - I’m always looking for ways to optimize and upgrade my command center to enable me to do my best work, and play! Here’s the setup at the time of this blog post:

1.Mo Screen, Mo Better, 2.Mechanical keyboard, 3.Attempting to keep myself on time, 4.Great speakers, 5.A mic for that crispy audio, 6.A bigger computer for play, after I am done on the smaller computer for work, 7.Oscar MacBook Pro

How did you get into product design?

“After graduating with a degree in Marketing, I quickly realized that it wasn’t quite aligning with my passion and interests. During my time in school, I had worked as a graphic designer, a role that allowed me to flex creatively but wasn’t where I wanted to be long term. As I ventured into the professional world, the emerging field of UX design caught my attention. It wasn’t a well known career path to me at the time, but it resonated with the blend of my creative skills and business education. I spent the next year reading, practicing, and failing in many interviews; I honed my skills and eventually landed a role at a small startup. This experience opened doors to opportunities at various SaaS and enterprise software companies, where I continued to refine my expertise, focusing especially on creating intuitive and user-friendly products for internal teams. Now leading designers that focus on that same mission here at Oscar.”

Product Design Team at our 2023 Onsite.

Why did you join Oscar? What made you stick around?

“I joined Oscar after several years in the healthcare technology world, a sector often not seen as a leading space for technology. My experiences with Medicare Advantage SaaS products and brokerage agencies ignited a passion for improving healthcare from the inside. Oscar piqued my interest as it radiated a distinct energy, a mix of innovation and dedication to reinventing healthcare. While interviewing I could see that it was the right place for me, not only to work towards the goal of changing healthcare, but a place where I would be challenged by those around me to grow in my own career.

Being part of Oscar isn’t just a job. It’s a journey into uncharted waters of innovation, a collective effort to turn the tide in healthcare. Each day confirms the magic, the Oscar Magic, I sensed during those initial interviews – a team not just working but evolving together, shaping a narrative that extends beyond the walls of our “office” to every individual seeking quality, compassionate healthcare. The excitement isn’t just in the groundbreaking work we’re doing but in witnessing real-time the impact of our innovations, the lives touched, and the systems transformed.”

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©2022 Oscar Health