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Designer Profile: Nicki Padar

In our Designer Profile series, we feature members of the Oscar design team. Step behind the scenes with talented designers working to make healthcare more accessible.

Role: Product Designer 
Joined: November 2021
Portfolio Site | LinkedIn

What do you do at Oscar?

“I primarily work on products for the member services team, designing tools that empower Care Guides to help members and providers when they call or message in with questions. The product we have built allows Care Guides to quickly reference information about coverage, benefits, care, billing, and plans. The goal of the product is to streamline and improve efficiency so that Care Guides can give members and providers the best support.”  

Discovery process for a recent project

What is your WFH setup?

1.Monitor, 2.iPad, 3.Airpods, 4.Notebook, 5.Laptop, 6.Fiddle leaf fig, 7.Emotional support water bottle

How did you get into product design?

“I studied graphic design and cognitive science in college. After graduating, I took a job as a visual designer at an ed-tech start-up. I enjoyed it but felt like something was missing. My background in cognitive science and passion for tech made product design seem like a great fit. I started to shadow product designers at the company and in my free time studied everything I could about product design. I had the opportunity to partner with a product designer on a project and eventually transitioned into a product design role. It was a great way to get my toes wet while feeling really supported within the same company. I loved it and continued my journey into product. I find immense fulfillment in designing for the holistic user journey and solving real-world problems through tech.”

Why did you join Oscar? What made you stick around?

“I resonated with the mission of making healthcare accessible and affordable to all. Never having worked in healthcare before, I was nervous about taking on a new role within a field filled with many intricacies and complexities. Thankfully, my team at Oscar has been wonderful in teaching me the ropes. Everyone is incredibly supportive and a joy to work with! I’m constantly inspired by our talented and humble team and the impactful work that we do.”

Oscar designers at a recent Product Summit in NYC

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